Evil vs Good A nation religion without scruples

Evil vs Good
A nation religion without scruples.
Leeha has found the book called The Guiding Light. She doesn’t know whose book it is but she does know if it is found by the wrong people the worlds fate will be forever altered.~ Suzie Q


Please make this into a movie!

A friend asked me to give this book a read. Usually I ignore such requests but, for some reason the story sounded interesting. Something really resonated with me for some reason.
Long story short: I devoured it in short order.
The story is not from Earth but it so eerily reflects elements from the societies of our planet. People do bad things for selfish reasons, hurting many others in the process. This book presents a similar but different narrative though there always seems to be hope. For every bad thing that happens there is someone ready to stand up and at least try to do right. Even as the tension grows.
There must be a whole series of books because this first volume seems to set up soooo many more twists and turns than one more book could deliver.
Honestly, I kept thinking that this could be a story for a TV series or movie. There are just so many visually dramatic opportunities.

Hey C.N.! Keep them coming!~ David R Grindy


Very interesting

I loved this book – I could not put it down and was disappointed when it ended. I cannot wait to read the next one. I thought about the book for a while after it ended. Realistic characters, suspense, science fiction, relationships – author did a wonderful job of intertwining all these without losing the reader, Very well written, Wonder what the next one will be like!~ Sharmila B