Toxic Sphere – an upcoming series of novels by C.N.Sky.
This trailer is for volume one: Our Goodwill Ship.

Video copyright 2013 by Cow Productions. Directed and Edited by Tom Lupton.

Toxic Sphere, volume 1: “Our Goodwill Ship”
Toxic Sphere, volume 2: “Liars and Defilers”

Desperate to save a choking planet, the alarm goes out
The brave will answer
And make the impossible happen.
Hope is their only weapon.

Bob Fullerby, Investigative Journalist
Andecco News Service
YR 1007 of the Enlightened Epoch

Four great powers battle for dominance in our world of seventeen billion human souls: Cadona, Domataland, Sohn-Sur, and Visstel. Those less mighty find themselves caught in the battle of the giants. Starving bellies and malnourished factories feed the rage. Confrontation – instead of cooperation – taints our water, poisons our land, and fouls our air. In our blind aggression, we destroy the very things which sustain us. Yet we fail to see it.

Toxic Sphere – Book trailer #1 from Tom Lupton on Vimeo.

Based on verse 10 of the Treacherous Chronicles by Thomas Fillimore penned in
YR 7999 of the Awakening Epoch:
“We steal from the hands of the starving to satisfy the bellies of the rich. We take from those in greatest need to add to the stores of those who have so much they couldn’t, if they lived many lifetimes, use it all. We rob from the land, the waters, and the air. We take all that is good and leave utter devastation in our wake. Yet we fail to see it.”


Coming soon: Volume 3: “Enemy Apparent”