Faiths of the World

Lotish Faith:

The Lotish religion is the oldest known surviving faith in the Primary Hemisphere.  Only tribal religions from Togna in the Lost Hemisphere are older.

The Lotish faith is practiced around the world, but it is the predominant faith in Domataland, Izvyona (including the Bakhadaland breakaway region), and Fletchia as well as other surrounding nations.

The primary tenet of the faith is the belief that all things are connected under God.  No one part of creation is greater or lesser than another.

The Holy Triad is the most ancient symbol of the faith, and it represents the elements of God’s creation:

  • The rising sun brings renewal
  • Great mountains bring courage
  • Evergreen forests bring rest
  • Leaf-trees bring wisdom
  • Snakes bring peace
  • Birds bring hope
  • Water – connects all things under God


The symbol of the Holy Triad from “Reflections on the Holy Triad”

Kettish Faith:

The Kettish religion is the fourth oldest religion still practiced in significant numbers today.

It is practiced around the world, and is the predominant religion in Visstel and Antropka.  Until year 1006 of the Enlightened Epoch, it was the largest religious denomination in Cadona.  It is currently the second largest faith in Cadona, and it continues to lose members in that country.

True Followers of God Church:

The True Followers of God Church is the largest religious organization in Cadona.  The religion is just forty years old.  Pastor Leon Walls is one of the founders of the faith, and today he is considered its leader.

Maps — The Primary Hemisphere

[Data as of year 1007 of the Enlightened Epoch (EE)]



  • Population:  1,998,000,000
  • Capital:  Cadona City






  • Population:  780,000,000
  • Capital:  Ver-Nuvelin




Izvyona and Bakhadaland

  • Population:  122,000,000
    • Izvyona Mainland:          70,000,000
    • Bakhadaland Region:      52,000,000
  • Capital:  Villyana

NOTE:  Bakhadaland Region considers itself an independent nation and names Satur its capital. 
Only Domataland, Fletchia, and a handful of other nations recognize Bakhadaland’s independence.